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MAIN      Project BadAss SC14
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Project BadAss SC14

Engine                86x94                 2387cc

Case                    Bad ass CB Performance aluminium

Crank                   AA Super Race 4340, 86 mm Chevy journals

Conn. rods          AA Super Race H-profil, 5.7"

Cam                    Engle TCS20, with Scat straight cut gears

Lifters                  Scat lube lobet

Pushrods            Scat Chromoly Manton

Heads                 CB Comp Eliminator with water cooling 46x38

Compression     ~9.7:1

Rocker arms       1.25:1, Bugpack Roller

Oil system           Full flow, 30mm pump

Exhaust                ?

Manifold              JMGarage

Clutch                  Kushlok, KEP stage 2, Scat Flywheel, lightened, 8 pins

Fuel system        Megasquirt MSII v.3
Fuel                     E85
Injectors              Delphi 65lb/hr 4 pcs.
Extras                  Supercharger Toyota SC14, watercooled intercooler, 75 mm throttle body

Here some hardware.
Watercooled intercooler and two 50mm popoff-valves.
 Next we have to design controller for waterpump and get radiator. We have
ordered one big pump 1100 gph. The controller would be Picaxe microcontroller
and we going to add lcd for that. Also we going to measure egt, cht and something else.

We are going to use this plenum and doing some
changes for this. That big pipe we take off and we 
add throttle body to top.
Cooling system would be that kind, VW Type 3.

Here is 86 mm 4340 cromo crankshaft and cromo Scat flywheel.
And tig welded fan and next we wait belt pulley with trigger wheel.
Next they going to go balancing.

Here is some cool stuff.
Radiator made by Raatikainen.
And waterpump to cooling system, 1100gph, about 3800 lph.

 New heads! Water cooled CB Comp Eliminators 46x38mm. Thanks for Mikko K for watering.
Now we have to get another radiator and water pumps.
Trigger wheel, with superchargers belt pulley.

Started manufacturing intake manifolds. Here is plenum with velocity stacks. Material is stainless steel.
Some porting for heads.
Stainless steel extra oil sump.
Planning boost pipes and belt support brackets.
Manifold plenum for throttlebody, with velocity stacks.
Full flow hoses.
Finally it's finished.
Now we have tested and found some problems. The trigger pulley don't work. It moving little.
So we have to make new pulley in next winter.