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MAIN      Project Eaton M45
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Base engine, starting point.                             Hardware
Engine                                  69x85.5                 1585cc

Case                                    OEM AS21 AB
Crank                                   OEM 69 mm
Conn. rods                           OEM polished, weighted to 0.01g by JMGarage

Cam                                     Engle TCS10

Lifters                                   Mahle

Pushrods                             Thick aluminium

Heads                                  OEM 35x32, ported by JMGarage, ex.~108 hp, in ~145 hp, 27"
Compression                      ~8.9:1
Rocker arms                       1.25:1, with bolt ends

Oil system                           Dry sump system, extra cooler and filter in front.

Exhaust                               4-1, 35 mm, Phat boy 2.5" and 2" muffler

Manifold                              JMGarage

Clutch                                  Kushlok, KEP stage 1, OEM Flywheel, lightened, 8 pins

Fuel system                        Megasquirt MSII V.3, with wasted spark ignition EDIS4
, 310cc/min injectors
Extras                                 Supercharger Eaton M45, intercooler, 48mm throttle body

Here is crankshaft ready to balancing. Belt pulley for Eaton is added and also trigger wheel for Megasquirt.
After balancing is time to assemble the engine and start to design manifold.

 Block assembled and pulley in own place. Here is planning bracket for vr-sensor.

Here is OEM cylinder head. All corners rounded.
Valves are 35x32mm.

Here is plenum, which is from wasser engine. Added home made velocity stacks in plenum.

Manifold ready to go.

 Here is designing and assembling supercharger totop of engine.
And the next thing is to do rest of manifold and mount intercooler.

 Here we go, allmoust! Only wiring and exhaust have to do. About two months left for first practising day in Ahvenisto.
And now it's ready to go 6 hour endurance day.
Here dyno sheet from Slug's Dyno Day #3. Big thanks to Slug's.
And here is video from dyno day.